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customized insoles using the Natural Balance method

Natural Balance's insole products were developed and launched in Israel by engineers and orthopedic specialists. More than 500 athletes, orthopedists and doctors were tested prior to launch in 2013. Natural Balance manufactures custom foot insoles uding the world's most accurate computerized system. In the past, the process of creating a custom insole was cumbersome because the measurements were done without knowing the patient's details and the small personal adjustments required to get a proper fit.

Natural Balance developed a sophisticated system that can read the foot position and the type of arch, whether flat foot, high arch, or low arch. Using these additional measurements, Natural Balance is able to produce a precise image that emphasizes the necessary adjustments for the foot. The technology also focuses on the Achilles tendon to identify any issues that might be problematic, particularly with a potential for a collapsed Achilles Tendon, a phenomenon that can lead to inflammation, pain in the legs, knees, pelvis, back, and neck. After the software provides all the findings, we then build a prototype of your insole based on the data.

  • Personal Service
  • With the help of a sophisticated system, we can produce a photograph that emphasizes the necessary adjustments to the foot, only then take the ring of the foot.
  • Fast Delivery
  • Typical orders take between 3-14 days, depending on the level of customization. Shipping and handling is also considered when determining arrival time.
  • Perfect Fit
  • We manufacture custom foot mattresses in the world's most accurate computerized system. system that can read the foot position, the type of arch.

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