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Register for a FREE Consultation

To begin the process of shopping or taking a more serious step towards alleviating your posture, joint, or health issues with new custom made insoles, please register for a consultation on this site. Our counselors need basic information in order to provide you with service. Please review our privacy policy to learn more about your privacy using our site. Registration is free, and there is no obligation to buy Natural Balance insoles. We do not ask for payment information, nor is a user required to meet with a counselor.

Meet with a Counselor

After you register free with no obligation, a counselor will reach out to you to schedule a meeting. Our counselors are completely mobile, capable of meeting you at your home or office! The counselor will also come equipped with the necessary equipment and tools to measure your feet and fully evaluate your insole needs. Meeting with a qualified counselor is flexible and easy. Appointments are made based on your schedule. Even if you meet with a counselor, you are still under no obligation to purchase insoles!

Measure the Feet

Natural Balance developed a sophisticated system that can read the foot position and the type of arch, whether flat foot, high arch, or low arch. Using these additional measurements, Natural Balance is able to produce a precise image that emphasizes the necessary adjustments. After the software provides all the findings, we then build a prototype of your insole based on the data. The technology also focuses on the Achilles tendon to identify any issues that might be problematic, particularly with a potential for a collapsed Achilles Tendon, a phenomenon that can lead to inflammation, pain in the legs, knees, pelvis, back, and neck.

Prepare the Insoles

In the past, the process of creating a custom insole was cumbersome because the measurements were done without knowing the patient's details and the small personal adjustments required to get a proper fit. With Natural Balance, once measurements are made, the data is then processed through the system. Natural Balance's advanced measurement technology combined with thermal technology for shaping and carving the new insole produces one of the most technologially advanced ways of creating custom insoles in the world.


Taking a step in the right direction with Natural Balance custom insoles.